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Fantine, Part I of Les Miserables

I just finished the first part of Les Miserables, Fantine. There are 4 more parts: Cosette, Marius, The Epic on the Rue Saint-Denis and the Idyll of the Rue Plumet, and Jean Valjean. 

Thus far, I have enjoyed the book thoroughly. It has captured my attention in a weird way. I sometimes find it overwhelming, due to the fact that there are so many philosophical undertones as well as raw human emotion that I have not experienced in many books before. Hugo does a wonderful job portraying this emotional journey of Fantine, as well as Jean Valjean, into emotions that the reader can comprehend. I don’t have a child, but I can feel the love Fantine had for Cosette, to sacrifice herself for another, one created from her struggle. She does not resent her daughter either, which is more powerful to me than anything else. To love someone through such adversity that is caused by their existence. 

I must admit that because I saw the movie, I know a general outline of the plot. Although the movie was 3 hours long, there is no way that they could fit every single detail of the 900 page abridged version, let alone the lengthier unabridged version. 

All in all, Part I was very interesting and provides various moral and philosophical situations that leaves the reader to ponder on their own existence.